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Beautiful Responsive Listing layout for Smart-phones/Tablets etc
Unlimited Text + Unlimited Photo's
Link your TripAdvisor feedback & Twitter feeds
Include or link to your testimonials & guestbooks
Create your own promotional/blog articles
SEO – I fully optimise all pages to maximise search engine traffic
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  • Key Features to Advertising with us..

  • Edit your listings with ease, in real time.

    Any changes you make are applied right away as soon as you've clicked the 'update' button.

    This works for your pictures too, so there is no waiting for busy site admins to get around to making the changes for you, they just happen in real time, which allows you the benefit of checking how it will look, and the overall 'feel' of your listing as soon as you've made changes.
  • Rotating listings.. Fair for All.

    An idea that we pioneered on yurt-holidays.com whereby your listing has the same chance of being displayed at the top as first result as anybody else who has paid for the same level of listing.

    We think that if you've paid the same as everybody else for a listing, that it's only right and fair that you deserve an equal bite of the cherry by being displayed as a random straw picked from a hat so to speak as opposed to the 'last in, last on, but pay same price' approach of some other sites.

    Almost every other glamping business listing sites (Not all, but most) use static listings, so if you're at the bottom of page 7, or hidden around page 10, tough luck..
  • Relevant Results = More Enquiries..

    We have also focussed heavily on allowing the end user to define the holiday they are looking for using the site search options. The end user can use search options to fine tune down to sites that may be of interest to them.

    If your listing is the only one to fulfil their preferences, your listing is shown, on it's own, without being cluttered by everybody else's, and we feel this approach serves the potential customer as well as the site owner by minimising non-productive calls or emails to glamping sites that don't or won't cater for a particular service.
  • All Listings Are..

  • Editable anytime by logging in..
  • Optimised for Mobile/Tablet displays..
  • Promoted via our social media channels..
  • Exposed fairly with random rotation..
  • Narrowed by selectable search filters..
  • Capable of sending enquiries.. (if selected)
  • Presented as individual pages on our site..

Where you can expect to find us promoting your business..

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  • What's in a Listing?

  • Descriptions..

    Each listing has both a Short, and a Main description - The short one is designed to be a few paragraphs, couple of sentances, and is used as the opening introduction. Your main description should be fairly self explanitory, and there is no restriction to how much you write about your site!
  • Price Tag Line..

    Special offer this week? Or last minute availability for next weekend? Maybe just simply your standard prices, It's up to you, but it's just a sentace or two (maybe 20 words max) to tempt, inform or grab the attention of visitors who browse your listing Re. what kind of price you might charge, or any special promotions you may be running.
  • Pictures..

    The brighter, the prettier, the better - Visuals are the first impression that will increase, or detract from the attractivness of your listing. There is space for as many high resolution pictures as you like. Your main picture is of particular importance though as it's the one that represents your listing's previews around our site.
  • Bullet Points..

    These are single sentances (around 10 words max.) that sum up the main features and points about your site, the local attractions perhaps, or things that you consider to be specific features or benefits to booking a stay with you.

  • To change anything at any time is easy - if you want to alter any part of your listing, to replace or remove something, just make the changes in your listing administration forms, hit the 'Update' button, it will replace existing information with immediate effect.

About us, and benefits of advertising your glamping business here..

We have set ourselves up with a simple mission. To raise awareness of the wonderful glamping holidays available all over the world, and to bring together glampers who seek luxury and affordability, the scenery & stars, with glamp-site owners and businesses who specialise and take great pride in being able to offer some of the most unique and bespoke luxury camping experiences available.

We know that glamping enjoys a highly motivated and enthusiastic following, a trend that has been on the rise during the last few years, from yurts and tipis, converted busses, lorrys and train carriages, to tree houses and pod dwellings and everything in between..

Glamping is here, and we want you to advertise your unique, magical, special business here, with us.

We know that people searching 'glamping' or 'glamping holidays' will invariably click from the first page or two of results they are shown, regardless of the search engine they use, and we work tirelessly to lay foundations that ensure our site will be seen as high up those lists as is possible.

Alongside search engine optimisation for 'glamping' and other glamping related keywords we ensure we also make our presence known through various glamping and luxury camping blogs and forums, as well as targeted google ad-word campaigns to make sure we keep the visitors coming.

Yurt Holidays (Glamping Directory) is an established website, formed over 12 years now, and we have excellent ongoing experience in the glamping industry.

We are very happy and proud to promote glamping in all it's various guises and hope that this passion shines through in our pages, style and presentation of the various companies listed on our site.

We work hard to promote all of the businesses listed with us via our social networking links on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

So register and join our site, and we will work hard to promote YOUR glamping business too, creating maximum exposure to a captive audience, happy in the knowledge that we are playing a part in converting casual browsers into real customers for the glamping industry in general.

We hope you enjoy using the site and that it breathes a breath of fresh air into listing your business.

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