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Frequently Asked Questions....


The content you fill your listing with is as important as getting the company name right...

Please spell check and punctuate, as poor grammer and spelling will reflect badly on your listing

Uploading Images..

Large files can take a while to upload so please be patient and wait for the process to finish before closing your browser window or navigating away from this screen.

These photos and images represent your company so please aim for high quality and relevance.

To change your pictures about is easy - if you decide not to use a picture you've uploaded or want to replace it, select another file and hit the 'Update' button, and it will replace the existing picture with immediate effect.

Wording a Listing..

This is where your business is to be explained..

This all represents your company so please aim for high quality, accuracy and relevance.

To change anything at any time is no problem, if you decide to alter any part of your listing, or want to replace or remove something, just change the relevent text in your listing administration forms and select the 'Update' button, it will replace existing information with immediate effect.

Every image needs an 'alt' tag..

Please note: Image alt tags (the text that describes a picture in words) are not yet editable, but will be soon. For the time being the alt text on all images is ('category' Glamping at 'sitename')

Imagine an 'alt' tag as a a short description, just a few words will suffice, a description of a picture as if you were describing it to a blind person or over the phone/in email without the person on the other end being able to see the picture you're looking at..

'A beautiful Yurt set against a meadow full of summer flowers'

'A converted bus, highlighted by soft beams of sunlight flitting through a pine canopy'

'A tipi, the gentle flickering candle light from inside illuminating it's shape against the night sky with a billion stars in the background..'
as a couple of examples..

Use your imagination, describe the picture as if you were talking over the phone. If your imagination is on a holiday the 'alt' description will be created automatically as 'your-category glamping at whatever-your-sites-webaddress-is, image #1,2,3,4,5' etc.. but that's not really very inspiring is it...

Please take the time to personalise your images.

.jpg, .jpeg, .JPG, .JPEG files supported, if your pictures are in a different format please convert them or email info@yurt-holidays.com for help.

Images are automatically resized upon upload, if the pictures on your listing look strange or blocky the chances are you've uploaded something below 800px in width. To remedy this you will need to use an image with a higher resolution (minimum 800px in width)

No larger than 4MB per image please.